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Completed Projects

Custom Fabrication

These are just a few pictures of different custom fabrication done by the skilled fabricators at Amston Trailer Sales. First picture is of a spread pan that was made for a dump trailer with a 2-way tailgate. Everything was bent up in our Iron Worker. Second picture if of a lift gate ramp extension that is used to load and unload medical equipment. the ramp had to have a smooth transition so the medical equipment isn't damaged. Third picture is of a blower install where the customer wanted the blower air filter and hot air hose connection inside the truck's tool box. Forth picture is of a metal front cap on a open top van trailer. No job is too big or too small for us. We can do anything you want.

Blower Install

This truck was brought to Amston Trailer Sales to have a blower installed. The truck was set up with a Gardner Denver 12" blower. The blower had to be installed under the sleeper due to not enough room behind the cab. 3 air tanks had to be relocated so the pto can be installed and room for the PTO shaft. Brackets where made for the air filter housing and the silencer. The PTO was picked out so the customer got maxium performance and life out of their blower. We can install any blower that you like and on any truck that you'd like.

Flatbed Repair

The front bulkhead was damaged when the trailer was getting loaded and the load fell on to the trailer. The front section of the floor was removed. The bulkhead was cut out and a new one was welded in place. Everything was primed and painted. The damaged sections of flooring was replaced also.

Walking Floor

This Walking Floor Trailer was brought to Amston Trailer Sales to get rebuilt. The floor was removed so the 5th wheel can be cut out. The 5th wheel plate was cut out and replaced with a new 5th wheel plate. The rear frame was cut out and replaced with a new frame. All of the suspension parts were transfered over fromt he old frame to the new frame. The new frame was fitted / welded back in place and the trailer was aligned too. All of the subdecking was removed and replaced. While the floor was out it was inspected and it needed to be replaced. The floor was replaced along with all of the floor bushings. The brake shoes were cracked so a 4 wheel brake job was performed with all the hardware replaced.

Tank Conversions

This new Mac Tank was bought from Amston Trailer Sales and Amston Trailer Sales did the conversion for the customer. The customer wanted a tow pin installed on the rear of the trailer, (4) work lights, (2) 10' hose tube carrier, and (1) 20' hose tube carrier installed on the trailer. This trailer has steel drop tees, steel discharge piping and is now set up for hauling frac sand. We can convert any trailer to meet your needs.

Dump Trailer Frame And Axle Repair

Trailer was hit on the right rear wheel. The axle was bent, suspension was torn from the frame, and tore a piece of frame off the trailer. We removed and replaced the axle and complete suspension. The frame was repaired by straightening the frame then welding the torn piece back in. The cross members above the suspensions hangers were removed and replaced with new ones. After it was all welded in the bottom of the frame rails where reinforced and suspension installed.

Van Trailer Damage Repair

Trailer was side swiped and damaged 7 panels. Removed and replaced 7 wall panels, wall supports and hardware.

Damage Repair - Before and After

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